Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)

Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization of FMU Faisalabad is under the process of inception and operationalization under the visionary leaderships of worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Zafar Ali Chadhary and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Majrooh has been entrusted the responsibility of founder Director of the ORIC in FMUF. ORIC of FMUF will follow the policy guidelines of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and the its objectives are to grow our research and economic development efforts and output as to improve our healthcare services competitiveness using FMU innovations and becoming the driving force behind healthcare research and economic development for Pakistan.
The ORIC in FMUF is being established to link research and commercialization from the FMUF with emerging and existing healthcare stakeholders across Pakistan and around the world. As an umbrella work closely with the researchers, chancellors and on campus Incubators & S&T Park, the office also serves as a channel to local, regional and federal partners to ensure research results. Fully functional ORIC in FMU will consists of three important wings
a) Research Development and Operation
b) Innovation
c) Research Commercialization/entrepreneurship


It is intended that ORIC in FMU would work on commercialization of research and helping startups to incubate, grow, create new jobs, products, services, markets, carry out innovation and bring in funding. The functions are:
• Secure funds for contractual research in the field of medicine and healthcare
• Generate revenues from Healthcare Research Commercialization.
• Secure Investments for Incubates.
• Create Jobs and Internships for the trainee and Medical Faculty.


Transforming Faisalabad Medical University to drive high impact innovation, applied research and entrepreneurship in the field of healthcare.


The office's vision is to enable and lead Pakistan's transformation to a knowledge-based economy dependent upon innovation and entrepreneurship.

  Services Offered

• Generating financial resources for research.
• Provide information to faculty about various available research grants.
• Link faculty with relevant healthcare stakeholders e.g. international health agencies and government.
• Interface between faculty and the health related commercial sector and health sponsors.
• Work with patent counsel to assess patentability/licensing.
• Negotiate terms of with for research Joint ventures and MOUs with the health sponsoring institutions.
• Assist with negotiating problematic sponsored research agreements.

Director ORIC Profile

Prof. Dr. Iqbal Hussain Dogar is currently working as the Director of ORIC Department, Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad since 2022. He also served as Chairman / Head of the Department of Radiology, King Edward Medical University / Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Previously He was Associate Professor Paediatric Radiology in Children's Hospital and University of Child Health Sciences, Lahore. He has a lot of contribution in Healthcare Research and has Published over 20 research papers in various Journals such as Annals of Medical and Health Sciences, Annals of King Edward Medical University, Lahore. Annals of Medical and Health Sciences and Pakistan Postgraduate Medical Journal. His achievements include being a Supervisor of FCPS, MD, MCPS, DMRD, MIT Radiology since 2008 and has trained more than 50 students, who are working at different faculty positions in the country and abroad. He is also Examiner of FCPS, MD, MCPS, DMRD, MIT since 2012 and Paper setter of CPSP and UHS since 2015. He has established state of the art Radiology Department comprising of MRI, MDCT, Biplane Angiography, Digital Mammography, Digital X-ray, Color Doppler Ultrasound at KEMU in 2018, which is fully functioning now. He has Developed a clinical program for vascular anomaly at Children Hospital and University of Child Health Sciences, Lahore, which is giving services to vascular anomaly patients. He is also Member of Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), European Society 0f Pediatric Radiology (ESPR), Society of Pediatric Interventional Radiology (SPIR), member of Asian Oceania Society of Pediatric Radiology (AOSPR) and member of the international society for the study of vascular anomalies (ISSVA).

Prof. Dr. Iqbal Hussain Dogar
MBBS, DMRD (Radiology),
M.Phil.(Public Health)
Director ORIC,
Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad.

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