Welcome to Tender Section of PMC, Faisalabad

S.No Caption Status
1 Short Tender Notice for Skill Lab, Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad. Inactive
2 Electro Medical Equipments / Machinery for DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad. Inactive
3 Tender Notice 2014-2015 PMC/ Allied/ DHQ Hospitals/ Nursing Schools, Faisalabad. Advertisement is also availabe in Nawa-e-Waqt (Lahore) News Paper Page No. 18 Date: 04-05-2014   Inactive  
4 Tender notice for Repair and maintenance in PMC   Inactive
5 Tender notice for tires in PMC   Inactive
6 Auction in PMC   Inactive
7 Tender for AC in PMC   Inactive
8 Tender Notice for Chairs in PMC   Inactive
9 Tender for Upgradation of Cricket Ground of PMC   Inactive
10 Tender for Upgradation of Auditorium of PMC   Inactive
11 Tender for CCTV in PMC   Inactive
12 Invitation for BID Procurement & Supply of Furniture/ Dinning Chairs   Inaticve
13 Auction of bus and Car in PMC   Inaticve
14 Tender Notice for IT items / Medical Laboratory Equipments   Inaticve
15 Tender Notice for Purchase / Supply & Installation Of DC Invertors Split Air- Conditioner (1.5 Ton) Wall Mounted   Inaticve
16 Tender Notice for Providing and Installation Of 630 KVA Transformer   Inaticve
17 Tender Notice for Renovation / Repair of External and Internal Electricity regarding Air Conditioning of Lecture Theaters in Punjab Medical College Faislabad   Inaticve
18 Tender Notice for Printing of Punjab Medical College Faislabad Magazine (PARWAZ)   Inaticve
19 Auction of Punjab Medical College Faislabad Book Shop   Inaticve
20 Tender notice for M/R to external Electricity for Hostels (Boys and girls) at Punjab Medical College Faisalabad  Inaticve
21 Tender Notice for various items of PMC /Allied Hospital/ DHQ Hospital/ General Hospital Ghulam Muhammadabad/ Nursing School (Allied & DHQ) Faisalabad.   Inaticve
22 Tender Notice for Procurement, Supply and Installation of Lab and Medical Equipments   Active
23 Tender Notice for Procurement and Supply of Two Buses   Active
24 Tender Notice for Procurement, Supply and Installation of IT Equipments and ACs   Active
25 Tender Notice for Procurement, Supply and Installation of IT Equipments Alongwith Furniture and Fixture   Active